All Sessions Include


years of experience
love for your animal
professional equipment
toys and healthy treats
session time
meeting time
respect for deadlines


A pre-photoshoot meeting to discuss session ideas, products and budget planning

30+ images to choose from (more for longer sessions or multiple subjects)

A post-photoshoot preview session that includes your product ordering consultation


* all products and digital files are sold seperately *

Simple Pet Session – $275

This session appeals to someone looking for a fantasitc piece of art on their wall, along with a small selection of prints or products. It is also an ideal session for cats or other small pets being photographed at home.

1-2 hours at a single location

Simple Pet Session clients typically invest an average of $800-$1000+ on their artwork.

Us Together Session – $375

This session appeals to someone looking for a little more story to tell and perhaps more people to share the experience. Creating great memories of your pet along with their pet proud family can often best be presented in more than just a great image on your wall. Consider a Coffee Table Album or a fantastic slideshow gallery online.

2 -3 hours at 1 or 2 locations

Us Together Session clients typically invest an average of $800-$1200+ on their artwork.


The Dogumentary Day – $475

Start with a morning walk to your local coffee shop or a drive in the car with their face in the wind. Then, a run through her favourite field, or a splashing event in his favourite water playground. This is a full day session designed for telling the whole story of your  moments together. Consider a fine art coffee table album to showcase these images. 

4-5 hours of following you and your dog around doing your favourite things together.

The Dogumentary Day clients typically invest an average of $1000-$1500+ on their artwork.


Four Seasons Pet Symphony – $825

Great for a new puppy who is changing so much throughout the year or a dog who just loves every season, from summer runs through water, to burying their nose in the snow. This is for the discerning pet owner with their site on the bigger picture of what it means to tell their whole story.

Four sessions throughout the year 

1-2 hours and 1 location per session 

Four Seasons Pet Symphony clients typically invest an average of $1500-$2500+ on their artwork.


Old Faithful Session – $275

This session is designed for senior dogs or for those who have sadly become ill at even a young age. I understand that time may not be on your side so I do my best to arrange everything as timely as possible and make you a priority in my scheduling. I recommend staying close to your home to keep the comfort level of your pet our priority.

1-2 hours at one location in the GTA

Old Faithfull Session clients typically invest an average of $800-$1000+ on their artwork.



The packages above cover our most popular requests. Below are some common add - ons that you may want to consider. Please feel free to contact us for any special requests you have. We can design any session to meet your unique needs or ideas.

Additional Pet - $100 each

 Additional Location -  $100 each

 Make Up Artist for You -  $150 

Travel Outside of the GTA -  $50/hour

For Professional and Commercial Clients

I work with Professionals and offer special services catered to your individual needs.  Dog Walkers, Groomers, Vet offices, Animal Shelters and more. Please contact me directly to discuss any needs you may have, so we can build a relationship around improving the quality of lives for our furry friends.