Choosing Your Session

What should I consider before booking a session ?

A great way to start making your decision is to imagine the final product and how you would like to share these memories for years to come. For some, it may be a great space on their wall they would love to fill with framed art work of their pet. Perhaps a coffee table book that tells a bigger story is more what you have in mind. Or, It could be a great social media account you want to fill up with amazing images throughout the year. Maybe for you, it’s all of the above. If you have something unique in mind, I would love to discuss any ideas you have so I can customize the products are services I offer just for you.

How do I see your products before booking ?

At your request, I can connect with you for a meeting in person to show you some of the fantastic wall display options and products available to you.

Do I get to pick the location ?

Yes. Choosing a favourite place that you and your pet enjoy together is always encouraged. I may also make suggestions in regards to time of day, weather and the comfort level of your animal.

Cats and other small animals are photographed indoors or outdoors, around the comfort of their own home. If any photographs are going to be taken indoors, I recommend that you remove clutter ahead of time in the area that you would like your pet to be photographed.

What does the session fee include ?

The session fee includes my talent and professionalism, before, during and after your session. We will plan your session together. We will have a great time catching what makes your pet special.  You will have a personal online account with with Fetching Fotos where everything related to your session will be in one place. There, you can view your images, share the gallery with friends and family, order products, make payments and even add future sessions.  To give you a basic understanding of investment, an average client of Fetching Fotos often spends a total between $500-$2000 on their session fee, wall displays and other products.

Do you have promotions ?

Yes, I offer various promotions and limited edition studio sessions throughout the year.  Sign up to my newsletter for monthly updates on promotions and new products or services.

What methods of payment do you accept ?

Cash / Interac e-transfer / Paypal / VISA / MasterCard

Preparing For Your Session

Should I run or walk my dog ahead of time ?

For the average healthy, energy-filled dog, I recommend you head out for a good walk or run, about an hour before the photo session begins. The idea is to take their excitement level or any nerves they can have “down a notch” for improved listening results, but not to tire them out completely. Try to stay away from puddles and mud for the beginning of the session. We can always end up there if that is what your dog wants to do.

What should I bring with me ?

Bring water and healthy treats (if your pet is allowed them). Also bring any items, such as a favourite toy, that will assist in getting your pet to focus their attention in a particular direction. I will have various noise makers with me at every shoot. Choosing a leash with a greater length can be helpful to control your dog as you keep yourself out of the framing of the photograph.

What should I consider if my pet wants me in the photos ?

Consider a wardrobe that is simple and complimentary to your pet’s colouring. For example, if your dog is black, it’s not a great idea to wear black as they will not stand out if they are on your lap. Shoes are always a big factor as they are almost always captured along side your furry friend, so pick a great pair of shoes (or two). Try to wear lighter colours for pets that shed a lot so the hair will not show up as much. Press your shirts, wear jeans without stains, style your hair and don’t forget to have fun.

During Your Session

What can I expect from Lisa during the session ?

I love to work in a fun and natural environment. Candid shots of your pets just being themselves are a large part of the session. I also spend some of our time bonding with your pets, earning their trust, communicating with you so we can work together while setting up some relaxed poses for the camera. Each session becomes unique depending on the environment and the behaviours your pet wants to share with us.

Leash or no leash ?

I recommend your dog be on a leash at all times, primarily for their safety and for easy direction during your session. Leashes are simply removed during the editing process after the image has been taken. However, If you decide to hold your session in a designated leash-free area and you feel your dog is safe, you are welcome to remove their leash. Also, If you have chosen a fashionable leash just for this very occasion, let me know and I’ll make sure it stays included in the final image. As mentioned above, choosing a leash with length can be helpful to control your dog as you keep yourself out of the framing of the photograph.

My pet is shy or can be afraid in new surroundings, can you still photograph them ?

If your pet is slow to adjust to new surroundings, I recommend arriving 15 minutes early to help them adjust. We will always take the extra time needed to build their trust in me and work within their comfort level. With that in mind, I ask that you recognize your own pet’s limitations so we don’t try to push them into a fearful situation. If a dog loves running in the water along the beach, then that’s what we’ll do. If they prefer their own quiet backyard above the noise of other dogs or city surroundings then I suggest we capture these great memories in a situation that best describes your pet as they truly are.

After Your Session

What is a viewing appointment ?

This is where you get to see the images for the first time. We sit together with snacks and a beverage while taking in a fantastic slideshow of all the best moments that we created together. At this time be prepared to pick your favourite photographs and how you would like to have them displayed in your home. I will walk you through your personal product consultation to help you make the best choices for both your vision and your budget.

When will my images be available for viewing ?

We will set up your viewing appointment for approximately 2 weeks after your shoot.

How long do I have access to my private online gallery ?

30 days after our viewing appointment the online gallery is deactivated, unless there is a special circumstance we have discussed ahead of time. There is a $50 charge to put the gallery back online.

What products do you offer ?

Fetching Fotos offers premium quality products that stand the test of time along with digital files and slideshows. Please browse the Products Page for a basic understanding of what is available to you.  A more thorough product list with pricing is available once you start your booking process or by contacting me.

Can I purchase digital files ?

Yes, absolutely. With every print and/or product you purchase, you will automatically receive the digital file optimized for social media sharing that coincides with it. If there are images that you only want used in their digital form, there is a digital package available (starting at $500 for 5 images).